Hi! I'm —
de pin.

— Senior UX & Product Designer


I'm a Brazilian designer based in the Netherlands.

Over a decade of experience and work designing products and services to multiple industries, I'm currently building the future of logistics at Twill — the Maersk's freight forwarding startup, and I'm listed as one of the Toptal's world-class designers.

In my journey in design, I’ve had the opportunity to work in both startup and enterprise environments.

Former UX Lead at Senior where I fostered the growth of design culture in the company through talks and workshops, and worked closely with product management and engineering, providing the design perspectives, led the UX design for the products working with a team of designers, reporting directly to managers and directors.

Being a Local Leader at IxDA in Brazil until 2019, I held meetups and talks on UX & Design practices for a local community of designers, developers, researchers, among other professionals and students.

As a way of giving back all the help I've always had from the design community, I'm mentoring Product + UX + Design at Aela and ADPList


The nature of my works is confidential under an NDA; so, if you want to have an in-depth understanding on the projects I've worked on, please reach me out.


[email protected]LinkedIn